We are really hoping this graphic “Birthing Cake” trend does NOT stick around

We’ve all heard of gender reveal celebrations, whether we love the idea or hate it. From pink and blue balloons to special cakes that hold the gender of the new bundle of joy within them, these planned out props bring a lot of joy to many expecting parents. 

There’s a new trend taking the baby-fever world by storm, and we have some seriously mixed feelings about it: Birthing Cakes. These cakes are…graphic, to say the least. They are meant to be a celebration of the miracle of the birthing process, but we just can’t imagine anyone wanting to actually have a slice. We’ve compiled a few prime examples for you to see this oh-so-2019 trend for yourself.

1. Strawberries have many uses.

This confectionary baby head is a bit creepy, starting up at its new Mom surrounded by…”birthing material” made of frosting and fruit. We have just one word for this: WHY?

2. Look at that full head of hair.

This baby came out with a gorgeous blonde mane, hands held out in need of its Mom, not quite removed from that special somewhere where baby’s enter the world from. Is this the new definition of cute?

3. The grossest one so far… I feel violated.

There is simply no excuse or justifiable reasoning behind serving a birthing cake is graphic is this one. I cannot imagine anyone on this planet who would be willing to eat this concoction.


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#sorrymom #babyshowercake #crowning #vaginacake

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4. Another day, another va-JJ.

Because this is what your family members and friends are desperately craving: a cake graphically depicting your private parts. I’m sure they’ll remember this one forever. 

5. Hey, at least this one is super well made!

If the maker of this birthing cake were to tone down the subject-matter a bit, I might just see a future for them on the Food Network. This cake is colorful, neat, and looks professionally made. 


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Jag har gjort det igen. Min första beställda tårta… den ni! /Konditor-Klara #vaginacake

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6. Having fun with decorations

This more abstract birthing cake includes a halo of marshmallows and a sweet welcome message for this family’s newest bundle of joy. It depicts the same general birthing process, but in a slightly less egregious way, which we appreciate.


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Hello, baby! Congratulations @candygram4u Bravo @anniesloan #vaginacake #babyshower #babyZ #doula #acudoula

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7. What kind of friends do you have?

Baby showers are special events surrounded by friends and family and meant to be remembered forever. How would you feel if your friend turned up with a graphic birthing cake depicting your very own va-JJ? We’re sure Grandma would just love it.

8. A little humor adds some necessary fun.

When it comes to birthing cakes, we think it’s best not to take things too seriously. These parents added in some song lyrics to lighten up the mood a bit, and it certainly helps take your mind off all that…blood and stuff. Right?

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So, what side of the “birthing cake” phenomenon are you on? Do you already have your local bakery on hold, or are you holding back breakfast? We will admit, we’re more on the latter side. When you’re eating a cake that looks like that video they forced you to watch in middle school that probably scarred you for life, we know the baby madness has finally gone too far.




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