The World’s Most Literal (and Hilarious) Photo Editor Follows People’s Requests A Little Too Well

If you’ve ever taken a photo that is almost perfect, but not exactly how you want it, Photoshop can be a lifesaver. It’s great for easy fixes like color correction, cropping, or removing unwanted things or people from the background. However, it’s not the easiest tool to use, so many people have taken to outsourcing their needs to the talented photo editor James Fridman

As you’ll soon see for yourself, however, making an editing request to James requires very careful wording. He’s been known to edit people’s photos in an extremely literal way, and the end result is nothing short of hilarious (for everyone else, that is!) Take a look at some of his finest work.

Gondolier Gone Wrong

Well, at least the end result still differentiates these two! We’d say the photo is a little less awkward…but next time this loving husband might be more specific.

Image: Facebook | James Fridman
Ducks In A Row

A key distinction this couple failed to make: how would you like your ducks cooked? (Too far? Oh well, James started it!)

Image: Facebook | James Fridman
Golf Sent Me to the ER

In all fairness, this probably would have been what this man looked like if his friend really had taken that shot. Safety first, people.

Image: Facebook | James Fridman
The Ultimate Tree House

We think you’ve got yourself a new profile pic, Heather! In all honesty, you had to see this one coming. James put you exactly where you asked him too.

Image: Facebook | James Fridman
The Magical Disappearing Car

This woman got a two-for-one. The car is no longer visible, and she’s now got legs for days! Could James see a career as a wedding photographer in his future? We aren’t so sure.

Image: Facebook | James Fridman
This Belt Buckle Ain’t Big Enough for the Two of Us

That looks…heavy! Someone, please get this photo up on this guy’s online dating profile ASAP. This is what we like to call a conversation starter.

Image: Facebook | James Fridman
Smile! There’s Pizza!

Now this is relatable content. And some good advice for all the people out there trying to get a good selfie with their not-so-photogenic partners…pizza is always the answer.

Image: Facebook | James Fridman
Fifteen Going on Seventy-Five

These girls got a little more than they bargained for, here. But hey, that party looks like fun to us; I mean, have you ever seen Golden Girls?!

Image: Facebook | James Fridman
Hobbies Include: Crocheting on Stairs

Ladies love a man with skills! We want to thank you, James, for letting their be one less jerky bro pic in the universe. Now, where can I buy that purple scarf?

Image: Facebook | James Fridman

As you may have learned from these hilarious Photoshop fails, the next time you’re in need of some photo edits, be very careful how you word your request. Or, you know, maybe it’s just safer to enjoy James’ editing skills from afar and find someone a bit more traditional for your editing needs!

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