The owner of two adventurous chickens bought them each high-visibility jackets to explore safely

These adventurous chickens refuse to be confined by the boundaries of their owner’s yard. David Williams is the proud owner of two courageous hens, affectionately named Davina and Deirdre. David was in for a surprise when he realized just how antsy these two were to get out and explore the neighborhood. Eventually, he decided to let them follow their instincts and granted them the freedom to roam within a 5-mile radius from his home.

As the weather got colder and the days grew shorter, David couldn’t help but worry about his beloved hens’ safety in the darkness. These were two smart cookies, but you could never be too safe, especially with drivers not expecting to see two chickens crossing the road! (What made the chicken cross the road? Her free spirit and sense of adventure.)

The ever-resourceful Williams knew just what to do. What better way to ensure drivers could see his beloved birds than by buying them each their own high-visibility jacket? Davina sports a lovely yellow color that really brings out her eyes, while Deirdre models the pink. These gorgeous get-ups were created by Omlet, a unique company that designs and sells in clothing just for chickens. Check them out here.

Williams knows these chickens love their exercise and enjoy the freedom to forage for food and explore the surrounding land, which is why he’s invested in the jackets. He even credits their days spent roaming free (with help from the jackets!) for the delicious eggs each hen hatches every day before heading out for another day’s adventure.