Mother of Unvaccinated Child Left Furious Because Her Daughter is Uninvited to a Party, and Her Attempt at Revenge Fails Miserably

The anti-vaccination movement is somehow still going strong, with parents all over the country opting to skip out on life-saving vaccinations for…let’s just say, “scientifically questionable” reasons. And while every parent has the right to decide what’s best for his or her children, skipping out on vaccinations may lead to spontaneous bouts of social isolation- based on the fact that this risky choice might compromise the health of another. 

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That was exactly the case for one little girl whose mother made the choice not to vaccinate. We found her unfortunate (but highly entertaining) story in a Reddit thread showcasing doctors’ worst anti-vaxxer experiences.

When a mother began setting the guestlist for her little girl’s birthday party, she realized that the little girl at the center of our story, who happened to be in her daughter’s dance class, had not been immunized. This raised some serious red flags, especially because her own daughter’s best friend was currently in remission from leukemia. 

Image: Bored Panda

After giving it some thought, the mother decided the best choice was not to invite the unvaccinated little girl to the birthday party. It just wasn’t worth the risk of exposing the other children to potential diseases. Needless to say, that did not sit well with the child’s mother. We’ll call her Karen, for clarity’s sake.

Karen was not about to take this sitting down. In fact, she even made a failed attempt to get the birthday girl kicked out of dance class.

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Fortunately, the dance teacher soon discovered her little girl was unvaccinated and implemented a new policy: All students of the dance studio must have up-to-date immunizations. Thus, this poor unvaxxed child was forced to look for dance lessons elsewhere, and her mother Karen was angrier than ever.

Reddit users weighed in on all this anti-vaxxing madness, and the overwhelming response was in favor of having your children vaccinated. Karen heard the risk factors- that infants and the elderly are more likely to contract diseases; that individuals with cancer may have compromised immune systems; that unvaccinated children are at higher risk for Crohn’s disease; and that the rapture that was Polio is still a recent memory for many elderly folks in many countries- and chose to ignore them. 

Image: Bored Panda

As a result of all this madness, Karen’s poor daughter faces social hardships, and we can’t help but feel for her. We’re with Reddit on this one, people- let’s stay healthy and choose vaccinations. Hey, the facts are behind it!

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