Infuriated Muslim Mother Complains of Vegetarian Pasta Sauce Tasting “Like Bacon”

A Muslim mother in Britain is not happy when a recent trip to the grocery store turned into an at-home catastrophe. Most people expect to get exactly what the label tells them, but this was not the case when this woman, named Rianne Ward, purchased creamy vegetarian lasagna sauce. 

Rianne had planned to whip up a special pasta dish for her and her son to enjoy that night. Both family members are strict vegetarians due to their faith, specifically when it comes to pork, so Rianne would never have opted for pasta sauce with meat. The label clearly stated “Vegetarian,” so she didn’t give it a second thought when she put it into her grocery cart that day. 

Image: Unsplash | Fikri Rasyid

When cooking the dish, Rianne knew something was very wrong.

She reached out to the news source DerbyshireLive explaining that she “smelt something odd” coming from the sauce. She disregarded the smell, trusting the label- but upon tasting the dish, her fears were confirmed. That smell and taste? Bacon. The “vegetarian” sauce was made with bacon! 

Image: DerbyshireLive | Rianne Ward

Even Rianne’s son recognized the bacon flavor immediately. “Mummy, this smells like bacon,” he said. Rianne was understandably irate when the realization was made that they had both unknowingly consumed meat.

She felt that she had betrayed her religion, even though the whole thing was an accident.

Furious, Rianne went right back to the grocery store with the jar of meat sauce in hand. She brought it to the store employees and made them smell the sauce to see for themselves.

Image: DerbyshireLive

Since converting to Islam seven years ago, Rianne had not had a single bite of pork, and this mislabeled jar of sauce had wrecked that. She was left feeling that she had betrayed her religion. 

The manager of the grocery store explained to Rianne that the sauce did not, in fact, contain any meat. “The product is flavored with smoked salt, which gives it its distinctive taste.”

Unfortunately, the label made no mention of this key information, and Rianne is still not sold on this explanation. 

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“There was no bacon in it because it had a vegetarian label but a staff member kept telling me it was a carbonara sauce,” she said. “It isn’t. It’s just a white sauce but that shouldn’t explain why it tastes like bacon.”

Image: DerbyshireLive | Rianne Ward

She submitted a formal complaint to the company that makes the sauce, who are doing a lab test to determine whether her jar had been contaminated. 

From now on, Rianne has resigned herself to be extra careful when buying any food product, even when it is specifically labeled vegetarian. Unfortunately in today’s world where so many options exist at the grocery store, those with dietary restrictions can never be too cautious.