Harry Potter Lovers Will Have a Magical Holiday Season with Pottery Barn’s New Collection

Pottery Barn is no stranger to the wizarding world of Harry Potter, having previously released an amazing collection of home decor inspired by the beloved book and movie series. They’re stepping it up even further this year with a brand new holiday collection for the true Potter-heads among you.

Image: Pottery Barn

As you may already know, Christmas is kind of a big deal throughout all the Harry Potter installments. As simple as it is, Ron’s exclamation of “Happy Christmas, Harry!” is an iconic line that all at once can make you feel warm and cozy. Pottery Barn recognized this wonderful connection the Harry Potter world had with this special day and created a collection of holiday decor that will add a little magic to your home this season.

The “Happy Christmas” garland written in that quintessential Harry Potter font will fit perfectly along your mantle. 

Elegant stockings customized with your name, preferred font, and the color and crest of your favorite Hogwarts House are just waiting to be stuffed with goodies for the whole family. 

Image: Pottery Barn

You can even deck out your Christmas tree with Harry Potter-themed ornaments, from the symbol of the Deathly Hallows…

To adorable replicas of your favorite characters! Ron, Harry, Hermione, and Draco are available. 

Image: Pottery Barn

You can find this amazing new collection on Pottery Barn Kids, but we know as well as you do that Harry Potter spans all generations. Wishing you a very happy Christmas indeed!


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