Art Made Out Of Old Watch Parts Is Now A Thing, And You HAVE To See How Cute It Is

Making art from broken or unneeded items is a great way to make something beautiful out of something potentially useless. They don’t say “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” for no reason, and the work of this incredible steampunk artist is the perfect example. 

Susan Beatrice has become known for taking apart old watches and using the pieces to construct intricate, beautiful, and totally green new pieces depicting all sorts of different creatures that perfectly represent her steampunk-inspired look. 


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Because Susan is not using any new materials whatsoever in creating her art, it is 100% eco-friendly and sustainable, a fact she takes pride in (and rightfully so!) It also means her projects are very cheap to make, which is an added bonus.

Watch parts like gears, screws, and levers can be extremely tiny, so Susan must have incredibly steady and nimble hands to create the masterpieces she does. Even large watches are made up of dozens of minuscule parts, an interesting sight to behold. 

Though Susan has done several other projects throughout her career, even collaborating with movie studios on props, creating recycled art is her true passion. It was the driving factor behind her recent project titled All Natural Arts. 

Her intention behind this project was to create eco-friendly works of art made entirely with recycled materials that depict some of the animals that humans share the planet with. Not only are they meaningful and thought-provoking, but they are also just plain adorable.   

Her collection includes everyday critters like rabbits, insects, and squirrels, but also includes some more fantastical creatures inspired by her favorite fantasy stories and fairy tales. The use of metallic machinery to depict animals found in nature results is a unique combination that results in beautiful works of art. 

Aside from watch parts, Susan is known to use materials she has found, including jewelry and sea glass. She refuses to stray away from using only recycled materials in her pieces. 

Interested in seeing more? You can view all of Susan’s incredible art from this collection and more by visiting her Facebook page!