A popular art community launching artists to NFTs and the Metaverse.

Total supply: 5555 / Mint Price: 0.2 ETH


Disclamer: Only registered wallets will have the opportunity to be on the allowlist. You must have .ETH. The MINT date will announced soon.


What is hunto?

hunto started in the early 2000s and has transformed into a team of creative individuals working together in the art, digital, and marketing space. We’ve become a family with knowledge, connections, and a passion for art. Our goal is to bring new artists with a purpose into the NFT community. With our current NFT rebrand, we’re already reaching large audiences organically and plan to push forward. Please see our Transparency section for more detailed information.

The VALUE of the first launch

Our first launch will be the Emoji Collection by the artist Token. Emoji holders will always have priority over everyone else. You’ll get allowlist privileges and access to airdrops on all future NFT launches.

What is my chance to mint an Emoji?

This is our toughest challenge since we already have over 1.4 million followers and anticipate even more new followers with our pre-launch activities. Because of this, we will only use wallets that are registered for minting Emojis. We will be using the PREMINT tool for the allowlist and will announce all our activities through our social media channels and Discord server.

The Emoji Collection – by Token

Emojis are a universal way to understand feelings and emotions without using actual spoken language. Since our NFTs are global, we can’t think of a better collection to start our new journey. Token, the creator of the Emoji Collection, has been privately painting for over 30 years and created this collection specifically to reveal his work to the world.


The Emoji Collection will include 10 special edition 1/1 NFTs. The wallets that hold one of the 10 special edition 1/1 Emojis for 3 months will receive the original painting. These special editions are our rarest and they’re the foundation of the entire collection. This is why the artwork owner must place their NFT in the Art Vault to be selected for the original painting. Future NFT launches will have the same benefits.

Emoji Life and the Road Ahead

When you buy a hunto, you’re not just buying a simple NFT. You’re getting access to a tight-knit community where benefits and utilities will increase with time.


The original 10 art pieces of the Emoji Collection will be given back to the community of holders of the NFT. The required hold time will be 6 months to the first person who HOLDS the NFT. The original artwork will then be shipped and the owner will be archived in our vault to follow the owner of the original.


As we launch the NFTs, we will also have a certain amount of prints signed by the artist to give to our members. You must have an Emoji with artwork to qualify. This can also be a free airdrop given out to qualify.


WE LOVE AIRDROPS. Every artist we bring on board will be required to give back to Emoji owners. The more rare your Emoji is, the more opportunities you have to receive an airdrop. The first one will be 30 days after launch.


Collaborations with other artists will allow you to breed your Emoji and create new pieces of art. Keep in mind that you’ll always need to hold onto the Emoji to breed it.

Hunto Whitelist

Emoji holders will always be the first to get the chance to mint future NFT launches from hunto. If there’s a limited supply, your ranking on the allowlist will be based on the rarity of your Emoji.

NFT Classes & Events

As the movement grows, we plan to educate people in the cryptocurrency and NFT space. Emoji holders will always have access to all classes and events.

Physical Locations

HUNTO NFT GALLERY 2022/2033 (Coming Soon!)

We will be opening physical locations in high traffic areas to showcase all the NFTs we launch along with information on how to purchase them. If you own an Emoji, you can always add your NFT to our gallery and enjoy the privilege of showing off your other NFTs.


When the doors open to our physical location, our Metaverse Art Gallery will open as well for all members that can’t visit the physical location.




Our follower base has been built organically, so when we post, we reach millions organically as well. This means that there’s no cost for us when we advertise. Once Emoji launches, we are committed to continuing to market Emoji DAILY since this will always be the most important NFT in our collection.

To be transparent, 111 NFTs will be reserved for hunto Treasury for future collaborations, marketing, and advisors.

Follow us on our Transparency tab on Discord and see our posts in action as well as our other advertising efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you buy a hunto, you’re not just buying a simple NFT. You’re getting access to a community with benefits and utilities that will increase over time.

When is the official launch date?

We will be announcing this shortly.

What will be the price?

The mint price will be 0.2 ETH.

Is there a Discord?

Yes, you can join our Discord server through this link: . We have open and public channels but are some NFT-gated. This means that you must hold an Emoji to enter the gated channels after we go live. Once inside, you’ll have access to private hunto channels that will include information about new artists, community events, upcoming drops, and more.

Is there a guaranteed mint allowlist?

Yes. We will announce ways that you can get on the allowlist on our Discord server. All allowlist activities will be carried out on https://www.premint.xyz/hunto.

What if some winners on the guaranteed mint allowlist do not mint?

We will randomly select more winners from the raffle and notify them via https://www.premint.xyz/hunto-allowlist-raffle/verify. To ensure that your email is registered in PREMINT, go to https://premint.xyz/profile and enter your email. For added security, you may choose to add an Anti-Phishing Code to guarantee the email you get comes from PREMINT.

What are the maximum mints per wallet?

Two mints will be allowed per wallet per allowlist winner.

At what time can guaranteed mint allowlist winners mint?

We will announce mint dates and times through our social media and Discord channels.

How are the 5,555 Emojis distributed?

5444: NFTs on public sale for allowlist winners.

111: NFTs reserved for hunto Treasury for future collaborations, marketing, and advisors.

What intellectual property rights do Emoji holders receive?

Owners of Emojis have full commercial art rights for the Emojis they own.

What are the funds being used for?

100% of the proceeds go directly to hunto Inc., a backed web3 media company. We have big plans and this funding will be used to expand our team, find new artists, and launch art galleries, ultimately creating additional value for our community.

What are the rewards for holding a Emoji?

The longer you hold your Emoji, the more benefits you’ll accumulate. We will reward our members with random airdrops. The rarity of your Emoji will determine your chances of getting airdrops. Many more benefits will be revealed as time goes by.

Will Emoji be revealed right away?

No. You will know what your new friend looks like 5 days after the collection has minted!