Secrets to a More Peaceful Relationship

It’s no secret that we desire more peace in our lives – especially in our relationships. Creating more space for peace would enable us to find deeper meaning in our lives, leading us to more success in our work and family relationships as well. So, what’s the secret recipe? Well, the secret may possibly be that there is no secret – that the 3 keys are the most clear and obvious that we can imaging. Here they are; three secrets to a more peaceful relationship:

Talking with each other.
Taking time each day to speak with your partner about the day, and perhaps deeper, about feelings about the day brings the relationship to a deeper level of intimacy. Talking goes beyond texting. Hearing someone’s voice is an intimacy level that seems to be fading away with technology and media outlets. Your partner’s voice is filled with emotion and taking time to speak over the phone dramatically improves the level of depth and, therefore, the peace of your relationship. When speaking, remember to speak kindly to each other. And also, take time to be consciously listening as well.

Busy and on the go, we often forget the value of touching each other. This does not mean sexually every time, but simply holding each other, hugging, cuddling, being close. As social beings, the warmth of touch increases serotonin levels that naturally enhance our mood. Happy couples are peaceful couples.

Supporting each other’s dreams.
One of the most comforting feelings is knowing that your partner supports you. When you are thinking and craving for this, remember that support is mutual. Supporting your partner brings you closer and sets an example for him or her to do the same. Being a peaceful couple means playing with a team mentality. This does not mean that you will agree on everything, but also agree to disagree at times and learn to put yourself in your partner’s shoes.