The Cutest Howl

This pup has one bright future ahead! His howling skills are impeccable, at such a young age, he’s already showing signs of being a leader of the pack.

Absolutely Amazing Fire Extinguisher Jetpack

Well maybe not so amazing… but funny!

Malaysia Airlines Crash Footage

A Malaysia Airlines passenger jet crashed in eastern Ukraine on Thursday, prompting a Ukrainian official to say that the flight carrying 295 people had been shot down.

Balancing Baby Laughing with dad

This has to be one of the most well balanced baby’s everrr! Check out that posture, even throws in a little giggle to make you feel like unworthy.

THIS IS AWESOME! Mother And Son Perform A HILARIOUS Wedding Dance No One Saw Coming!

The mother-son slow dance is always a memorable and emotional custom during wedding receptions. Watch as Jared and his mom decide to put their own twist on tradition though and perform their very own choreographed dance routine!

Rope Swing Accident

We all know summer is a time for bikinis and crazy flips into large masses of water, but let’s not lose our heads for it….but then again, looks like you might have already lost it when you thought swinging from a rope attached to your feet near sharp rocks was a brilliant and fun idea…. read more

Dog licks Lion

Looks like a lion likes his hot dogs and his hot dog loves his lion. If they can make it work, anything is possible.


This McDonald’s employee definitely doesn’t like it when people climb over the counter.¬†McDonalds employee working nightshift was given $50 bill. Checked if it was legit according to policy. Two ghetto girls didn’t like that and yelled at him, called him a pussy and spit on him and punched him in the face. They then leaped… read more