I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, no one likes a show off…haha!!! The driver of a tacky-rim booger-green Chevy crashed into a pole, he knew he was being recorded and was too embarrassed to even get out of his car to check on the damage. He peeled out and left the scene…. read more

Proof that Every Baby Needs a Dog

This is proof that every baby needs a dog. I’m about to collapse with all this cuteness!

How to Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger or Snake

This is amazing!!!! Asia always comes up with cool things, like the toilet that cleans you and picture worthy men’s wild hairstyles. A Korean/Japanese Invention To Unclog a Toilet has been invented, pretty disgusting if it’s not your own toilet and your own mess, but thought I’d share with you before you have your meal.

The Toughest Job in North Korea (Best Version)

Quite possibly the toughest job in North Korea, and an unexpected ending…hilarious!!! Since this was for an insurance commercial, I’m hoping he purchased some life insurance.

Skinny Bully Picks On The Wrong One! (Ended It Like Men)

While the fight scene between these two ‘babies’ is embarrassing and really didn’t need to happen, and dragged on for way too long, I’m glad they were able to hold hands and skip through the dandelion fields at the end. Bravo you two for shaking hands and making piece, now go run home to mommy… read more

Horse feeds another Horse! Animals Love

This is a grand gesture when a horse feeds another horse detained. The white horse is on an eating schedule and should eat at certain times. His cavalier horse friend in the room adjacent brings him food for his rumbling tummy. Animal love has no boundaries.

Obama forgets to salute

Well, this is embarrassing… President Obama forgot to salute when he boarded Marine One. He later realized his mistake and went back to the Marine.

Dad Gets In Crib With His Crying Baby

Dad finally couldn’t take the tears anymore, and in an exhausted state, simply climbed into the crib with her to calm her down. Incredibly, it worked, and the crying stopped immediately! But he quickly discovered that he wasn’t going anywhere.