Cop forced to jump off bridge

A police officer in Texas was forced to jump off a bridge to avoid being hit by drunk drive

Can you watch this video without smiling?

Every parent will at least smile once during this cartoon.

8 Water Tricks That’ll Melt Your Mind

If you are ever bored, here are some really cool science tricks you can do at home!

Father Son Relationship | Ways to Scare Your Dad

In this strange father son relationship, the son constantly comes up with ways to scare his dad, and puts all of them together in the hilarious compilation! I can’t stop laughing

All Male Cheerleading Squad Fail | Girls Do It Better

These men definitely have the gymnastics down, but they weren’t meant to be cheerleaders. At least girls catch each other!

Mexican Guy In Family Nissan Maxima Beats Turbo-Charged Porsche In Race Like It’s Nothing (ORIGINAL)

Well isn’t that embarrassing, for the Porsche…?

Flawless: High School Student Does A Perfect Michael Jackson Dance Routine (MoonWalk Perfection)

MJ would be proud of this small town high school student.

What happens when snake venom touches blood

Here’s something that will freak you out. Watch what happens when snake venom gets into your blood stream. You hear about people dying from snake bites, but it’s usually kinda unclear as to what actually happens inside the body. This should make it pretty clear.