Dog Takes A Bullet To Protect His Family. Watch how this amazing canine four-legged hero potentially saved a child’s life.

77-year-old weightlifting grandmom is an inspiration

77-year-old woman can lift more than you 120-pound newspaper columnist can’t deadlift 100 pounds and could barely roll the 215-pound barbell along the floor. Don’t worry, she told me. Everybody has to start somewhere. She started with 5-pound weights a few years ago, after seeing a sign about a weight-lifting competition at the Metro Carlson… read more


Veteran Confronts Guy Faking To Be An Army Ranger For Black Friday Military Discounts!

Unbelievable 2015 Horoscope!

WILL it be a happy New Year for you? Astrologist looks to the stars to find out what’s ahead when it comes to love, money and career. Aries (March 21 to April 20) You are: independent, feisty, impossible to ignore Element: fire Gemstone: diamond Colours: red, scarlet All About You Aries rarely takes a back seat… read more

PE Teacher Forcefully Dragging 14-year-old Into Pool

Gym teacher dragging student who didn’t want to ruin her hair towards the pool. Gym teacher charged after attempting to force a student into a pool

WOW! She Simply Drags Her Plate Along This Pool, And It’s Fascinating What HAPPENS!

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Newborn Refuses To Leave Mother’s Side

Kids love their moms.

Burglar 0 – Yorkie 1

This happened in South Africa… a self respecting burglar soiled himself when he encountered the most brutal dog he had ever seen. A Yorkie! This awesome dog is called Scamp and you will be happy to know that the perp was caught a short while later and justice was served!