School surprises janitor with $$

Gotta love this! Students at Anderson County High School in Lexington, Kentucky, know their school would be a mess without their favorite janitor Ricky Spaulding. Thanks to these amazing students, this janitor will be able to go visit his family for the first time in over a year.

Nattliv – Swedish hostess throws up on live TV!

Swedish hostess Eva Nazemson accidentally vomiting in the middle of the live-tv game show ‘Nattliv’ on national television. The girl throws up. And then when she comes back she cheers the whole situation and tells to the guy and the viewers that she is going through her cycle right now, and it’s live television so… read more

Girlfriend Busts Cheating Boyfriend And Kicks Some Ass!

Dude was caught red handed by his girlfriend in the car with her bestfriend. She goes mad, breaks his window and what happens next is crazy!

Disrespectful Son Knocks Out His Father!

There’s a point in every boy’s life where he needs to step up and assert himself as a man to his father. This is not that. This is just a super dysfunctional family fighting in the backyard. I’m guessing they’re arguing over his dad stealing his son’s favorite red sneakers.

Cop forced to jump off bridge

A police officer in Texas was forced to jump off a bridge to avoid being hit by drunk drive

Caught On Camera Couple In Minivan Sex in car!

If the minivan’s a-rockin’, it’s probably this couple. I think everyone behind them is wondering the same thing about this couple: at what exit are they getting off?

This Guy Has The Remote To His Girlfriend’s Vibrating Panties In His Pocket

To surprise her at a baseball game was a bold move. Well played….


The ending of this motorcycle crash is so unbelievable you would think it was part of some action flick.