Insurance Scammer Falls In Front Of Mini Van & Gets Run Over!

He forgot the golden rule -the driver of the car must know you are lying in front of their car

This Illusionist Will Eventually Guess Your Card — We Promise!

Illusionist Eric Leclerc needs only a deck of playing cards to make you believe in mind reading.

Best Rapper Alive

Rap music video by Krispy Kreme called Haters wanna be me. Lets get this kid famous.


California Highway Patrol Officer Beats A Black Woman Senseless On The Side Of The Freeway

Bully attacks victim from behind and BACKFIRES

A bully runs up on an unsuspecting victim and tries to jump her. She pulls the victims hair and tries to pull her to the ground. She trips and hits her head against the door of a parked car, effectively knocking herself out cold. 

Bully OWNED by smaller kid

This moron must be running out of small kids to pick on… Well he learned his lesson I am sure!

People doing really STUPID things

All of these people probably regret doing what you are about to see… 


A moronic go-kart racer counts his chickens before they’ve hatched.