Going Nuts on NYC Street

…and this is why drugs are bad for you! Why do this to yourself? Thank god people were around to stop him from rolling onto the street and getting ran over by a car.

Nasty Girl In Mall!


Men In Heels Dancing To Beyoncé and Killing It

This is absolutely incredible… I need to learn this routine! In heels at that!?¬†

Angry Father Tells Off A Slutty Lady On A Train

Does she own a mirror? Was there no wind outside that day when she stepped out of her house? Women need to watch their skirt lengths, the majority of the people don’t want to see the lint on your undies.

Caught Cheating

They Beat A Grown Azz Man With A Belt For Cheating!

Instant Karma For A Person Who Kicks A Cat

This woman decides to kick a cat and karma comes right back and kicks her in the butt.

Tree Love

If you ever see someone doing this in the middle of a crowd, PLEASE STOP them. Her friends were just a little too late to the rescue.

Bathtime with Esther the Wonder Pig

Bathtime is so much fun! Keeping the prettiest pig in the land takes much effort, but thankfully she’s used to the fuss and doesn’t mind all the attention. She gets many baths in the summer months and fewer in the frozen ones. She’s easily convinced it’s a good idea with slices of apple and basically… read more