OMG! This Hidden Camera will Make You Paranoid about Hotel Housekeeping!

Wow, this video is so shocking! After watching it you’ll think twice about leaving your personal belongings out in your hotel room. The person that posted the video refused to give the name of hotel. You can clearly see a cleaning lady browsing through the unidentified guest’s belongings, and even trying to unlock a tablet.

Milwaukee Fergusonn Police Chief Gets Real When The Press Start To Grill Him About Michael Brown

Yeah, so give the guy a friggin’ break!

Wow! Daredevil Films Herself Twerking While Riding A Motorcycle

I’m impressed. Let’s just hope she doesn’t crash.

Where Are His Parents? Little Boy Goes Crazy, Destroys A Dollar Store

I lost it at: “You hit me with that, you gonna lose your life.”

Kid Trashes Dollar General Store In Tallahassee, Florida

If I were that parental unit, I’d tan his hide until it glowed in the dark.