This is an amazing move by a world champion pole dancer…Jenyne butterfly!!! completely real. nothing fake about it at all.

I’M SO PREGNANT – Iggy Azalea – Fancy Parody

You can’t do much the 9th month of pregnancy…but you CAN spoof Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” This is funny even for the non-pregnant!

Twins Putting Themselves to Bed

One day i told the twins to go to bed and they did it! i was shocked, and now they do it on a regular basis. I find it so cute, so I took a video of them doing it to show our family that lives far away.

Watch How Chinese Thieves Use Chopsticks!

Confucius recommended using chopsticks for dining utensils as a way to cut down on the potential for violence when knives were around the dinner table. But it turns out they’re also useful for

Awesome Father/Daughter Dance… A Crowd Shocker!!!

My dad and I dance to “I loved her first”, then a surprise… “smoke” billows from the equipment to create a believable equipment malfunction, and then we bust into an awesome remix!

Smack Of The Week: Jamaican Dude Wasn’t Playing!

Caption on this video reads: Smack, smack, smackity, smack, smack, smackity, smack, smack, smackity. This Jamaican had way too much jerk beef…get it? (Haha!)

25 year old zit

Someone’s aunt had a clogged pore on her face for the last 25 years. Hopefully the dermatologist can excavate it before the giant black hole sucks all known matter out of the universe. Ugh. So very gross.

Stingray Attacks Man!

Don’t mess around with an angry Stingray on the Broadwater Gold Coast Australia!