Dog Eating Corn

That dog is going to have some wicked farts after eating that! Man’s best friend is dog – Dog’s best friend is man w/ provisions.

Japan Newscaster Robot Is So Creepy!

Japanese scientists on Tuesday unveiled what they said was the world’s first news-reading android, eerily lifelike and possessing a sense of humour to match her perfect language skills

Best Offensive Pick Up Lines Of All Time!

Im surprised this guy didn’t get killed for what we was saying.

Botfly In A Boob!

The maggots that infested this woman’s breast are botfly larvae. They’re dirty little parasites the eggs of which get into the bloodstream after an infected mosquito bites a human and live there, feeding off of your cells until they hatch and continue with their larval development by enjoying the warmth of your body under the… read more

Dad Catches Home Run While Holding Baby on Father’s Day

A father catches Troy Tulowitzki’s home run one-handed while holding his young daughter with the other hand and casually walks back to his seat as the San Francisco Giants play the Colorado Rockies at AT&T Park on Father’s Day.


Officer Ramon Morales in Texas, was waved down early in the morning and told a woman was sitting on the train tracks. The officer ran quickly over and pulled her seconds before the train went by. The office hopes the woman will seek help for what caused her to sit on the tracks.

Farting In The Hood – He Deserved What Happened Next!

If some stranger farted on me, I would take that as extreme disrespect..I don’t blame the guy for punching you in your  face. Yeah, it’s a “prank” but they don’t know that upfront, so it’s completely understandable why they would feel disrespected and violated.

What The Dog Did To The Mail Lady

My dog would do this… but not bring the mail to me. He’d chew it. More like destroy it. My dog would not do this.