These Guys Decided To Dance In A Parking, What Happened Next Will Make Your Day

I no longer believe that white men can’t dance! This has definitely put the silly myth to rest at last.

Grandma Does Split For Winning The Price Is Right

Grandma Is All The Way Turned Up: Busts An Ol’ Lady Split After Winning On Price Is Right!

Two Grandmothers FIGHT IN THE HOSPITAL After Their Grandchild’s Birth

This is just embarrassing, inappropriate, and unacceptable. Why are two older ladies acting this way – in public – after the birth of their grandchild – and in a hospital? At least if someone gets hurt, medical attention is not too far.

Nation’s ‘weed fairy’ unmasked – Yeni Sleidi Giving Away Free Marijuana

After giving away free marijuana in New York, Yeni Sleidi traveled west to Washington to continue keeping spirits high.

South Korea Creates ‘Women-Only’ Parking Spaces

South Korea creates NEW ‘women-only’ parking spaces that are longer, wider and marked by pink chalk figures wearing skirts. The South Korean government has said it is adding “a female touch” for car users in the capital Seoul — by creating women-only parking spaces which are longer, wider and marked with pink outlines. Though it… read more

Cheese Rolling – Man injured badly EXCLUSIVE

This is what people call a “good ol’ time..? …chasing a cheese wheel, some people need to find other things to do to smile and break a sweat. This guy gets creamed as he comes tumbling down.

Terrible Accident – Lady Flies out the Window

W-O-W!!! This is crazy! it’s as if they were filming the next James Bond flick. Her timing was precise and she fit perfectly through the open window. Glad everyone was unharmed.

Dad spins girl on a merry go round, girl flies off.

Dad spins girl on a merry go round, and she flies off. Is this not the dumbest guy of the day, he definitely takes the trophy today. Jerk!