11 Ways He’s Showing You that He’s Into You and Your Relationship Together

This also means 11 Ways She’s Showing You that She’s Into You – basically, that you’re into each other and your relationship together. Read through these 11 ways to tell and ask yourself the questions next to each one. Are you answering “yes”??

1. He’s listening to you.
Is he listening with care and attention? Do you feel like you’re being heard? When you speak, is he quietly giving you space and time before speaking? Are you doing the same?

2. He has patience with you.
Is he calm and considerate? Is he patiently understanding what you are going through? Does he give you time to do things without complaining? Are you patient with him too?

3. He’s making compromises.
Is he doing activities that he may not 100% be interested in doing – but is doing them to be with you? Is he putting aside stubbornness and is willing to change to show that he cares? Are you also?

4. He’s seeking your advice.
Does your opinion matter to him? Is he asking what you think about things that are most important in his life? Are you seeking his advice as well?

5. He’s staying in touch.
Is he making effort to stay in touch with you? Does he text you, call you, visit you –find any reason (or even no reason at all) to be in touch with you? Are you staying in touch with him too?

6. His gifts have meaning.
Is he putting thoughtfulness into small gifts? Does he bring you a little something from trips or time that you are apart? Do gifts between you have deeper meaning over the cost?

7. He’s complimenting you
Is he using loving words with you? Do you feel admired by your partner? Do you feel that he is proud to be with you? Does he subtly compliment you to let you know he likes you? Are you complimenting him too?

8. He’s making you his family.
Is he showing that he cares for you by treating you like his family? Is he introducing you to parents, siblings and friends? Are you introducing him to important people in your world, as well?

9. He’s trying to make you laugh
Is he trying to make sure that you are smiling? Are his efforts in having fun, being playful and making you laugh? Are you sharing laughing as a couple?

10. He’s supporting you.
Does he have your back – share your dreams? Does he encourage you to be who you are and do your best? Is he supporting you emotionally, intellectually and physically present to be with you? Are you also a supportive partner?

11. He’s making you a priority
Is your presence a top priority in his life? Are you his Queen? Is he your King?

Did you answer yes to many of these questions? Hope so! Best wishes and remember the mutuality when it comes to expression. All that you wish for from your partner, be that way and attract the one you are.