10 Facts About Poop | Immature and Compelling

What an immature topic, yet why is it so compelling? It’s one of the many human features that most dislike. It can also be the cause of death as straining during a bowel movement is responsible for 3.6% of burst blood vessels in the brain. Apparently poop is far more valuable than just a flush…. read more

Awkward Train Situations

As if riding on trains wasn’t hard enough, in some countries the trains are so packed, you’re literally riding on the crotch of a stranger. Adrian, the crazy Aussie in the video, surpasses any norms set in trains. Green puke is definitely off the list.   Click here for more from this guy…Aussies are the… read more

Little Girl Gets Jealous!!!

Already a lady’s man and only 7-years old. The crisp suit and smooth dance moves say it all. “Hey, that’s my man!” “Daniel, how could you do this to me, I gave you my ring pop!” Keep on dancing and maybe the girl will get bored. Don’t be a douchebag man! At least hold her… read more

Nebraska Police Officer Explodes When Confronting Man Who Knows The Law!

Cops no longer represent serve and protect–it’s now about summons and collect. See a cop freak out when a person actually knows the law in exact context. Watching this is absolutely vindicating to one’s inner-anger against all the cops who have given bogus tickets to meet their quota. This cop really does look like a… read more

These Guys Even Look Better Than Girls In High Heels

High heels are supposed to put women at the top of their game…until the men start working the heels as well. This would put any playboy bunny or hot office assistant to shame. Those legs are so hypnotizing…the toned shape…I almost forget that they’re men. Drag didn’t have queen until this video was used as… read more

The Big Sexy Slide | Take Your Shirt Off

Clicking this video, one would expect a really hot chick going down a slippery, wet slide. What you will find is instead something totally off base, yet hilarious. He sure does have some swag for his size. It cannot be unseen… This is like Oompa Loompas on crack.   Click here for the female version.

Man Walks Around With Doo Doo All Over His Pants

Dude, if you were a true bro, you would tell me if I have crap on my pants. Instead you just let me walk around like a total as$hole. I hope you’re happy. People now think refer to me as the town $hit. That man is every irritable bowel syndrome sufferer’s hero. Not giving a… read more

Skittles Touch: Cat | Amazing Commercials

Usually Skittles commercials are rather disturbing. Throw a cat in it and it seems innocent once again. Skittles came up with a creative way to make advertisements on youtube even more interactive–one cat-lick at a time. Wait…what’s that man in the cat costume…oh no…nooooo!