Is this a ghost caught on CCTV at Romford theatre?

Supernatural CCTV footage shows the moment a chair and table move of their own accord in an empty theatre in Romford, Essex, just hours after a medium’s show. Bone-chilling CCTV footage captured on Sunday night at the Brookside Theatre in Romford, Essex shows a chair appearing to move on its own.

Man protects his wife and beats up thugs who slap his wife!

This is one very protective husband, who takes down the guys who swung at his wife.

This Burger Commercial Is Too Hot

Hannah Ferguson and Paris Hilton take on the best of Texas in the extended version of the The Texas BBQ Thickburger® commercial. Only at Carl’s Jr. Show us how you #EatLikeYouMeanIt

Woman Giving Birth in a Bath-tub!

What a brave mother and a great birth! Great education for any expecting mothers or medical students. Viewer discretion is advised!

Rubber Bands vs. Watermelon

Using a few hundred rubber bands, we blew up a watermelon!

The Dead Sea

Look how easy it is to swim at the Dead Sea

Man Got His Nose Bleeding Out For Weeks

Roger has been bleeding out of his beak for a week. Endless amounts of blood has been seeping from his nose and him and his wife are finally in to get it checked out. Witness one of the worst nose bleeds on this show.

Extremely Shocking Selfie

Taking a video selfie after snorkeling, this couple encounters an extremely shocking lightning bolt behind them ! They duck for cover when they hear the explosion.