DIRTY Old Man!

Creepy GRANDPA Gets Caught with A Street Hooker!

Messing With The Wrong Old Man!

70-Year-Old Man Wakes Up & Catches Wife Having Sex With Younger Man.. Then Kills The 32-Year-Old!

Update On Nanny Who Beat Toddler

he’s Now In Police Custody!


Girl Gets Caught Giving Her Boyfriend More Than A Kiss On The Cheek On LIVE TV During Volleyball Match!

Uncle Gives His Nephew An Old School Azz Whoopin On Webcam For Acting Hard On Facebook & Forced To Put The Video On His Wall!

A Terrytown teen made Internet headlines when he was disciplined by his uncle for claiming to be a gangster. Last week, the teen, who was identified as 16-year-old Michael Taylor, was shot to death outside of his home. Taylor’s family said he wasn’t in a gang, but acknowledged that he glorified that lifestyle, which may… read more

Boyfriend REVENGE On Cheating Girlfriend!

Mans wife was caught cheating and she went to visit him in jail.. to her surprise her husband knew she was cheating and shaved her head in front of everyone.


Stripper Gets Stuck Behind Locker Trying To Wall Twerk!

That’s What You Get!

Kid Stands Up For Himself & Beats The Hell Out Of His Bully!