These Incredible Dancing Priests Put On An Amazing Show

Here’s something you don’t see every day: a couple of dancing priests.

Wait for it… wait for it……

This Little Guy Was Sleeping Soundly Until The Radio Came On. Then? Dance Party!

World’s Biggest Idiot Invents The Boiling Water Challenge

You can see his skin instantly turn red. Ouch!

You Won’t Believe What These Terrible Human Beings Did To Their Drunk Friend

That’s an easy way to paralyze someone.

Somewhere In NY Public Transit

Pimp Gets Jumped By 2 Guys Trying To Talk To His Trick! “$50 Then We Talkin”

Elevators has cameras people!

the last scene was crazy,lol

Woman Gets Stuck In Chimney While Trying To Break Into The House Of A Man She Met On A Online Dating Site!

TV footage showed emergency personnel dismantling the chimney brick-by-brick to reach the woman, stuck more than two metres down, according to local television channel KTLA.

These punk kids had no idea what they were getting into when they shined a penlight laser pointer in the eyes of a police helicopter.

You’d have to be really stupid not to know that shining a penlight at a helicopter is a crime, because it could blind the pilot