Kid Finds Moms Favorite Toy

I have yet to see such bad parenting. This shows you are not fit to be a mother, given your lack of intelligence for not putting those object(s) out of a child’s reach.

Who brought grandma?

Old Woman Parties During Spring Break

Porsche 993 Narrowly Avoids A Crazy Accident

That was freakin close ! No one got injured, oil spilled on the on ramp may be the cause of the crash. The Clio understeered right into the BMW X1…

This is exactly how not to react to your son coming out

Sometimes coming-out stories are heartwarming tales of acceptance and love. Other times they are tragic accounts of abandonment and abuse.

Hillarious Dad Teaches His Kids A Simple Life Lesson Via Social Media

First in a series of instructional videos for my kids. In this one I tell them how to change a toilet roll. My kids said this wouldn’t go World Wide as no one would be interested! I guess there are other parents out there that feel the same as I do.

Super Strong 73 Year Old

This man puts people half his age to shame… I am just not too sure about his choice of outfit

This “Must Not Fart Challenge” In Japan Is Damn Hilarious!

I have no words to descrive this video.. its friggan hilarious!

Cop Pulls Gun On Unarmed Passenger

Was this necessary?