Footage Shows Women Wanted For SEXUAL ABUSE Forcibly Twerking Against Man In Convenience Store!

Two women are wanted by Washington, DC Police for the unwanted contact of an innocent young man. The two scantily clad, curvy ladies accosted the poor guy at a convenience store, with one shaking her rear and the other making a grab for his pork and beans. Police are on the hunt

Ben Carson’s wife Candy sings the national anthem……Ouch!

“And the rockets’ red glare…” Ben Carson’s just edged out Donald Trump in a national poll of GOP presidential candidates. The New York Times describes the retired neurosurgeon’s “calm manner” as a big reason why. Part of that “distinctive feel,” as Times writer Trip Gabriel, includes moments like this: Carson’s wife Candy sang the national… read more

Outrage grows after South Carolina officer throws student in classroom

Even without the full context, even without knowing what happened beforehand, the video is appalling. It shows a South Carolina school resource officer yanking a student from her desk, causing her to fall backward in her chair. He then throws her several feet across the floor. Other students sit silently, with one student covering his… read more

Las Vegas Elevator Compilation

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. What gets filmed by surveillance cameras in Vegas elevators, however, doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

Murderer and hardcore gangster cries like a little girl after getting what he deserves.

Shandell Jackson was facing a life without parole sentence after he had killed a college student in a robbery attempt. He was hoping for a shot at parole but the judge was not having it. After getting sentenced Jackson cried out like a little bitch, but was quickly restrained and sent to prison become a… read more

Man Smacks The Soul Out Of Girl That Was Clowning Him On The NY Subway!

These girls were WILD. What type of man will date a girl like this? This girl was asking for trouble!

Caught Red Handed!

Woman Caught Stealing From A Man’s Car And She Had No Idea He Was Behind Her Recording The Whole Thing!

Father catches a perv secretly photographing his daughter inside a Dallas Walmart

The male that was taking the pictures of this guy’s daughter was so scared from being caught that he froze up and started shaking