Crazy Footage: Woman Gives Birth Inside Of Moving Car!

Giving birth on the shoulder of a highway isn’t unheard of in Illinois, but Beth Farina and her husband took it a step further.

Father Gets Down!

This Man Can’t Be Brought Down No Matter What: Pops Getting Loose After Hearing Lebron James Is Coming Back To Cleveland!


This husband didn’t think his wife was that far along in to her labor, but when they arrived at the hospital entrance, they got a nice, early surprise.

Tree Branch Falls On High Voltage Power Lines – Crazy Effect!

100,000 volts of electricity, amazing how a piece of branch can burn like nothing with so much voltage. remember 1 KV = 1000 Volts so my guess is the KV in this video must be 150 KV to 220 KV

This Kid Gets The Worst Case Of Stage Fright Ever

This kid gets the worst case of stage fright ever. You gotta love him!

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Kids (or Pets) In A Car

To everyone who wants to be a hero or just smash the windows, please for the love of god check if the AC is turned on or off first´╗┐

Puppy VS Bath!

I’ve seen this vid like ten times, and I don’t know why I keep watching it…

Not Your Normal Baby Bath Time

Captured the sweetest moment of my daughter and pup the other night. They are the cutest together!