Grandmother records couple having sex on public beach, uses it as evidence!

BRADENTON BEACH, Fla. — A Florida couple was arrested last weekend after a grandmother spotted them having sex on a public beach and recorded it on her cell phone as evidence for police.

Sweet Dog Cries For Joy In His Soldier Daddy’s Lap

After being gone for over six months overseas, my daddy’s girl of a puppy is finally reunited with her daddy. 

The Worlds Most Terrifying Free Fall Drop Ride. Would You Try It?

“Nothing but a net!” – This INSANE nearly 100 foot total free fall at 55MPH is one of the most CRAZY rides on the planet! There is NOTHING between you and the net below!

Groom’s Most Hilarious Mistake. Love The Bride’s Laugh!!!

When Andrew and Melissa were getting married, they weren’t expecting messing up during their vows, but that’s exactly what happened.

Corrupt Police

Police Officer Yanks Man From His Car & Arrests Him After Being Told He’s Being Recorded


A carjacker didn’t have a chance against this driver. Especially when the driver had a gun!


A school bully tries to get fancy in his approach and pays the price.

US Navy SEAL SDV Strike

Seeing Real US Navy SEALs Moving Underwater Is Way Cooler Than Any Movie