Kid Defending His Mom!

Moms crazy ex decided to show up without an invitation and her son decides to teach him a lesson!

It’s Russian Twerking And It’s Glorious

How can we stay mad at Russia when they do things like this?

Forget Twerking, Tahitian Dance Requires Actual Talent And Is More Mesmerizing!

Try not to get hypnotized by the way she moves her hips.

High Dive Accident

She sounds so concerned then just sits there recording not bothering to get up and help

Dad Figures Out How To Fill 100 Water Balloons In Under One Minute. This Is Genius.

If you’ve ever filled up water balloons, you know how time consuming and frustrating it can be. Thanks to this brilliant dad, those days are a thing of the past.

Terrifyingly Shark Encounter!

A Shark Flops Terrifyingly Close To The Shore On The Beach. OMG.

My Childhood Dreams Have Finally Come True

Now this is a wonderful piece of model engineering. Love it.

Wicked Awesome: Watch This Stump Removal

Stump cutter-removal Rotor S and John Deere 8100Less rpm = no danger + safety Vertical stump grinder cutter