Woman Get Revenge on Cheating Boyfriend by Setting His Crotch on Fire

Woman Get Revenge on Cheating Boyfriend by Setting His Crotch on Fire

Guy Loses It At Woman Who Was Violently Choking Her Young Son On The Street

I’m not a stranger to moderate discipline in childhood; if I were especially cheeky, I could expect a clip round the ear or something along those lines. However, there’s a huge difference from a little tap on the leg to outright physical abuse and the mother in this video seemed to get the two confused…. read more

Man Breaks Into His Ex-Gf House & Makes Her New Man Pack Up!

This is absolutely crazy!

He Had Enough! Quiet Kid Calmly Stands Up And Knocks Out Bully With One Punch

Never underestimate the quiet kid. NEVER.

Groomsman Backflips And Knocks Out Bridesmaid!

This has got to be the worst wedding ever for that poor girl.

2015 Horoscopes That Are SO ACCURATE It’s Crazy! OMG…

AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) Sensual / Unpredictable The revolutionary and the chameleon of the zodiac. Charming. Attractive. Popular. You gather a diverse (and zany!) group of friends from all walks of life. Though you’re highly social, you absolutely hate fighting. This is often at odds with you quest for justice in all aspects of… read more

This cop had no problem getting down at the parade

NYPD dances with LGBT Big Apple Softball League’s Marcher during the Pride Parade

This Disgusting Earwax Removal Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Have you ever questioned the point of cleaning out your ears? It’s something a lot of people forget to do on a regular basis; not because they are dirty, but just because it isn’t always a pressing concern for many people during their grooming ritual. This video should make all those people sit up and… read more