Brazilian Man With Boner Stuck In Subway Train Door

A man gets a erection at the worth possible moment during rush hour!

Taking No Chances

Broward Jail Courtroom Cleared After Inmate Falsely Claims He Has Ebola!

Woman Knocks Man Out In Single Punch After He Allegedly Asks For Sex

Watch moment woman knocked man out cold with one punch after he asked her for sex

Big Girl Twerking Crazy to “Yike In It”

I really don’t know what to say about this one.. Maybe you can help me…

SMH That’s Just Reckless

Two Pregnant Girls Go At It In Dallas!

His Helmet Did It’s Job

U.S. Marine Survives Taliban Sniper Shot!

In His Zone

Big Boy Is Turned it All The Way Up With The Dance Moves!!

Instant Karma

Dude Attempts To Rob A Lady On The Bus But Ends Up Getting His!